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Tomasi Series 10 Flute
Tomasi Series 10 Flute
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Tomasi Series 10 Flute

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The Tomasi Series 10 Flute is a professional-level instrument. It comes in three versions, with a head joint made of 92.5% silver alloy, grenadilla, or gold. The Tomasi Flute is an ideal choice for those seeking a responsive, dynamic instrument with exceptional clarity.

For a long time the flute builder Werner Tomasi had the desire to build a high-quality, affordable flutes.  This is the a Silver-plated flute with solid silver headjoint.

In contrast to the silver-plated tube used in the 09 series, the TFL10 versions are made from a head joint with a 92.5% silver alloy.

The use of the softer, heavier silver makes it possible to create a larger and softer volume with noticeably greater resistance when blowing. Advanced players find this a pleasant opportunity to feel their instrument better and thus gain more confidence. The greater resistance gives the tone more modulation capability and dynamic range. Particularly soft flute sounds in the third octave are easier to achieve. The three heavier flute heads in this series are particularly suitable for strong and powerful wind players and flutists who want to produce a soft and plump sound.

The Tomasi flutes series are available in three versions:

Silver (SI): Elegant in timbre: The solid silver lip plate gives the soloist's feeling! Silver, the material most frequently used for making flutes, gives a beautifully sounding and concentrated flute tone. The elegant timbre and rich overtone resonance is versatile in use and covers every flautist's demand.

Grenadilla (GR): A warm sound, rich in overtones: The wooden lip plate for effortless playing. The lip plate of grenadilla wood holds a special position: Its colorful and easily modulated tone appeals not only to lovers of early music. It also offers optimum conditions for all those, who tend to produce rather colorless sounds with a metal lip plate. With a lip plate of granadilla wood it is possible, even at economical air flow, to produce a warm sound with a rich overtone resonance. Moreover it is a practicable alternative for players who are allergic to nickel or have other skin problems.

Gold (GO): The head joint for great tones! The riser of 14K gold for power and dynamics. Using a golden riser adds two substantial features:  The higher weight gives greater volume to the sound and the particular hardness of 14 K gold facilitates an easy direct response. Thereby you obtain a full, strong tone with far reaching potential for dynamic development.

  • Silver-plated body and mechanism
  • Sold silver headjoint
  • B foot
  • French-pointed key arms
  • Open hole keys
  • Offset G key
  • E mechanism
  • French style wooden case with cover
  • Comes complete with Tomasi polishing cloth and metal hole inserts