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About Our Rental Program

Learn more about our Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental Program.

Cassandra Strings has designed our band and orchestra rental programs with all ages and levels of ability in mind. Our orchestra and band program serves school districts and educational programs throughout the Chicagoland area. We work closely on an individual basis with music educators and stock the necessary accessories and method books teachers require for all their students. After many years of working with local school music programs, we have concluded that providing a beginning student with a quality, like new, instrument creates pride in their musical studies. This is an essential factor in their success and development as a musician. All instruments, both rental and sales, are maintained by our workshop and are guaranteed to be in top playing condition.

Rental Program Incentive

We make ownership easy

Each renter will have a portion of their rental payments applied to purchasing a brand-new instrument from Cassandra Strings. 100% of all rental payments (excluding M&R and late fees) can be applied to purchasing a new, full-size instrument for our showroom. (ex violin rental to violin purchase).

Maintenance and Repair

Includes the Following:

  • Orchestra Rentals: breakage of single strings, bow re-hairs, bridge adjustments, broken necks or scrolls, broken bridges free periodic check-ups/minor adjustments, and any normal wear and tear to the instrument. Accidental damage due to dropping or falling. This fee also covers you in case of theft. 

  • Band Rentals: free periodic checkups/minor adjustments and any normal wear and tear that can happen to the instrument. Stuck mouthpieces and stuck slides, Accidental damage due to dropping or falling. Damage to instrument beyond repair. This fee also covers you in case of theft.

What We Include With Your Rental

  • All bows are strung with natural horsehair and regularly re-haired in our shop.
  • Violins are set up with four fine tuners, Thomastik or Pirastro violin strings, Helicore viola, Prelude cello & Helicore Orchestral bass strings.
  • Band Instruments include two reeds (1 for the oboe) or a mouthpiece.
  • All necessary beginner accessories, including shoulder pad, rosin, rock stop, reeds, oils, etc., at a substantial discount.
  • Trade up from size to size at any time. There is no charge to switch to the next size.
  • Loaners are available.
  • Month-to-month rental

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