Cassandra Strings Lessons

Private Lessons

Learning an instrument can be challenging, but one way to learn or even improve is through one-on-one private lessons. Lessons are where you can increase your technical skills, gain the needed knowledge of the music, and get a little motivation. Here, we have provided a list of teachers in our community and their contact info.


Teaching a lesson
We ask that any student who wants to start or continue lessons contact the teacher directly, where they can set up virtual or in-home lessons. Please note this listing of music teachers does not imply recommendation or endorsement by us, and you agree to take full responsibility for any relationship you establish with anyone found as a result of using this list.


If you are a teacher and would like to be added to our directory below, please follow the sign-up process on this link with your info, background, and desired age and skill levels for lesson students. We will reach out to you shortly.

Instructor Directory:   

RONAI, John      Violin/Viola      Classic/Fiddle                         
10-Adult Zoom only- First lesson is Free

MCGINTY, Mary      Cello      Classic                 

KUNTZ, Mark        Cello  (847) 742-9244 (preferable)  Classic     

REICHELT, Steve       Bass/Cello      Classic/Jazz/Electric     

ALLEN, Zack     Trumpet      Classic/Jazz                   

FISHER, Jackie      Violin      Classic/Suzuki     

HURTIG, Danielle      Violin/Viola/Piano      Classic     

SCHAFFER, Tim      Bass      Classic/Jazz     

COTTON, Wendy      Cello/Piano/Voice   
847-809-4010      Classic     

KIM, Eun      Cello      Classic                             

BARTON, Hannah      Violin/Viola      Classic/Suzuki     
5- Adult

LAYUG, Kate      Violin      Classic/Suzuki     

YOUNG, Gina     Violin      Classic     

FALCO, Sal      Trumpet      Classic/Jazz     

SHELDON, Andrea      Violin
847-361-4372      Classic 
Beginner/ Special Education

BUKOWSKI, Krzysztof    Violin
847-817-1916   Classic/Fiddle
10- Adult

LOPEZ, Martin      Violin      Classic/Suzuki     

BRYK-ROBERTS, Joanna    Violin    Classic/Suzuki
5- Adult

Encore Music Academy  Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass   Classic/Suzuki

Ballin, Annie    Cello     Classic
Beginner to Intermediate

Dr. Leah Hagel-Khmann, Cello/ String Orchestra Director
McHenry County College
The orchestra meets on Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Rm B257

Trojan, Jonathan  Drums
Beginner to Intermediate

Lent, Vanessa  Violin/Viola/Cello/Voice/Piano / 630-220-9835
Beginner to Intermediate  

Hulstch, Tom    Guitar/Music theory/ Songwriting/ Note reading / 630-666-4113
8 years to adult

Peters, Jennifer   Piano/Violin/Viola/Ukulele /847-826-9661
5 - Adult

Hartson, Patrick  Cello/Guitar
Beginner to Advanced/ Adult Beginner