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Music Teacher Resources

Music teacher resources


We have compiled a easy list of resources for the music teacher to use for their classroom. Please feel free to share with others.


Materials and Lesson Plans:

Podcast regarding current events as well as challenges that students, parents and educators face in the years to come. Interviews with teachers and how they tried new approaches to reach their students virtually, what failed and what succeeded.

Lesson plans for the NafMe members. You are one right?

On and Off the Podium:

Posters and recruitment material for beginning Band and Orchestra


Technology focused lesson plans

Teachers Pay Teachers:

Work with other teachers who have proven lesson plans

Be Part of the Music:

School website builder for recruitment of the music student

Band Directors Talk Shop:

Anything and everything band related 



Music advocacy group


Technology in the classroom for music teachers

Network for string educators, students and performers

The Midwest Clinic: International Band and Orchestra Conference

Holding clinics to better music education

NASMD: National Association for Music Education

Retailers and manufactures helping school music students make music

SBO: School Band and Orchestra Magazine

The leading publication for school band and orchestra directors and instrumental music



Technology in the classroom for music teachers


Web-based suite of music education tools and home to the largest online, interactive music library


Classroom tools for composition and practice


Create, teach, share, sell and purchase music.