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Tomasi Intermediate Series 7 Flute

Tomasi Series 07 Intermediate Flute

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Tomasi Series 07 Intermediate Flute

The Tomasi Series 07 Intermediate Flute is a must-have for advancing musicians. Features include open tone holes, B foot joint, comfortable offset G key system, and split E mechanism for nuanced playability. The silver-plated head joint and body are finely crafted for a full, smooth sound. The Tomasi Series 07 flute has a rich sonic character, perfect for young players and hobbyists alike.

Outfit includes new case with cover and shoulder strap, wooden cleaning rod, and cleaning cloth.


  • mouth plate: .925 silver lip-plate and riser

  • foot joint: B foot
  • materials: silver-plated head joint tube and body
  • mechanics: offset-G, open hole ring keys with metal plugs, B-foot joint, and E-mechanism

Model: TFL-07-SIB / TFL-07-SLB