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Realist Acoustic Violin Pick-up

The Realist Acoustic Violin Pick-up

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The Realist Acoustic Violin Pick-up has been specially designed to reproduce the natural acoustic sound of your violin. No pre-amp necessary, and easy installation.

Finally, a pick-up that lets you play both piz and arco without having to play with your controls! Developed by bass guru David Gage and instrument design legend Ned Steinberger, The Realist Acoustic Violin Transducer is designed to give you a strong, natural tone, whether you're bowing or playing pizzicato. No pre-amp necessary, and installation is easy- all you have to do is just plug it in. 

The Realist sounds incredible, accurately reproducing the the full range of the acoustic violin, without coloring your instrument's tone. It produces a rich, powerful response that is acoustically true for both pizz and arco. 

The Realist is a good choice for a player who has a dedicated acoustic-electric violin or for the player who wants the best amplified tone, and is willing to sacrifice some ease of use and convenience to get it. It mounts under the feet of the bridge, so be aware that if you need to take the Realist off and on between amplified and acoustic gigs, you will have to loosen the strings and lift the bridge frequently in order to install and remove the pickup.