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Perfection Planetary Geared Cello Pegs

Perfection Planetary Cello Pegs

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Teachers, students and professionals are all raving about the extraordinary Perfection Planetary Geared Cello Pegs, which feature revolutionary application of tried-and-true planetary gears, to ensure non-slip, non-stick tuning so smooth and effortless, that even a beginner can learn to tune (and stay in tune) without fear of slipping or sticking pegs.

  • 4:1 gear reduction ensures easy and fast precision controlled tuning. Educators love the time-savings, seconds as opposed to minutes per instrument for tuning
  • Advanced engineering and materials, plus sealed gears for smooth, maintenance-free funcion and durability
  • Safe for the instrument, and eliminates the need for fine tuners which improves instrument response
  • Perfection Pegs look identical to conventional pegs when installed, for aesthetic appeal
  • Extensively tested to ensure reliable performance and long life
  • Terrific for older players with arthritis or weakened hand grip