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Denis Wick Aluminum Straight Mute

Denis Wick Aluminum Straight Trumpet Mute

Denis Wick
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The world's preferred trumpet mute! This Denis Wick Aluminum Straight Mute is maybe the best, and most replicated trumpet mute ever. Since it was first designed in 1968 it has given trumpet players precisely what they need: a quiet mute which is consistently in tune in all registers, an extraordinary vibe which doesn't impact the 'blow' of the instrument, and the capacity to create a searing fortissimo in symphonic tuttis. 

The purpose behind the accomplishment of this Denis Wick quiet mute lies halfway in the design of the plan and mostly in the precision and accuracy of the production. The design creates an open quiet mute, greater than every one of its forerunners, giving a full sound and avoiding the problem of sharpness of pitch encountered in many trumpet mutes.

The hand-spun aluminum is both light and amazingly resonant. Other assembling procedures produce quiet mutes which are not as hard. Denis Wick hand-making produces a quiet mute where the metal is 'work-solidified' making it both light and resounding. This makes it free-blowing and very responsive and the choice of the most demanding performers. 

Real cork is utilized to deliver a cozy fit in the bell of the instrument. We are glad that this quiet mute is utilized by a huge number of performers everywhere throughout the world which speaks to its incredible worth. This is one of the most significant bits of gear a trumpet-player will ever buy, all at a fantastic price.