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Schilke E2D Professional E Flat/D Trumpet - Silver Plated

Schilke E2D Professional Eb/D Trumpet - Silver Plated

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*Made to order - 11 months*

Not as common as the E3L, the E2D is a medium large bore instrument that plays slightly bigger and broader in a fixed bell configuration. The larger bore allows the player the ability to lean a little harder into the instrument at louder dynamic levels, while the bracing provides additional stability. This model is ideal for solo or section playing within the orchestra when an Eb trumpet is desired.

One-piece Yellow Brass Bell
Unsoldered Bead
#4 Bell Taper
Two Sets of Slides for Eb and D
.460″ ML Bore
Round Main Tuning Slide
Lightweight Design
1st slide saddle & 3rd slide ring

*Additional Customization Options*
(Call to place a custom order)
1st slide ring
Pinky ring
Amado waterkey(s)
“Beryllium” bell
.450″ Medium Bore (model E3D)
.450″ Medium Bore w/ #5 Bell Taper (model E1D)

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