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Schilke CX6 Custom Series Professional C Trumpet - Silver Plated

Schilke CX6 Custom Series Professional C Trumpet - Silver Plated

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*Made to order - 11 months*

The Schilke Custom Series C Trumpets (also known as the C Series) were designed by Renold O. Schilke and date back his founding of our company. These models feature a lightweight design with minimal bracing, round main tuning slide and reverse leadpipe. Custom Series trumpets are lauded for a natural brilliance, or “shimmer,” to their sound, an ease of playing, consistent “feel” from top to bottom of the horn and superior intonation.

The Custom Series is often viewed as a spectrum of models. With a choice of bell taper and bore size, every musician can find the right “feel” for them. Most Custom Series C Trumpets have a direct equivalent to a Custom Series Bb Trumpet.

Custom Series C Trumpets are covered by the Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty.


CX6 Features:
Bore Size: .468″ XL
Bell Taper: #2
Bell Material: Yellow Brass

*Additional Customization Options*
(Call to place a custom order)
Gold plate
1st slide ring
Pinky ring
3rd slide waterkey
Amado waterkey(s)
Sterling Silver bell
"Beryllium" bell 
Tuning bell
Bb slides


Bell Material

All Custom Series C Trumpets come standard with a yellow brass bell. Yellow brass bells are more consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics.

Optional “beryllium” bells are very thin bells, similar to our standard copper bells in playing characteristics, but with a brighter and more resonant dynamic range. These bells are terrific when looking for more “sizzle” in your sound.

Optional sterling silver bells offer a focused, dense sound. Darker in timbre in softer dynamics and brighter in louder dynamics, the sterling silver bells are similar to “beryllium,” but with a more simplified overtone series. These bells “zing” when playing ff.

Tuning Bells

Detachable tuning bells are available by special order on any Custom Series C Trumpet. The advantage of the tuning bell feature is that the tuning slide can be left all the way in or moved only a little, thereby keeping the bore relatively free of gaps that may cause a disturbance in the nodal pattern of the sound wave. Another advantage is that different bells of varying tapers, materials and finishes may be used to change characteristics of the instrument.


The Custom Series C Trumpets are numbered in the order in which they were developed. The C1 was the first Schilke C Trumpet, followed by the C2, then the C3, etc. When the tenth model was developed, it was decided that an “X” in the model number would denote the 10th model and beyond. As an example, the CX is the 10th Schilke C Trumpet developed in the Custom Series.