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CodaBow Luma Cello Bow

CodaBow Luma Cello Bow

Coda Bow
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An Ideal bow of light facility and rich tonality, the CodaBow Luma Cello Bow delivers a truly enlightened performance to any style.

With a nod to the great French bowmakers Lamy and Voirin, the CodaBow Luma has a high, shimmering timbre as silky as its handling. The Aero frog design off-loads the hand while the lightness of the shaft allows a facile and nimble response for flashy, technical passages. The bow’s silvery tone and graceful agility is well-suited to intimate settings, blends well in ensembles, and is sought by players of all styles. The CodaBow Luma appeals  especially to players desiring lightness in weight and character.

• 10-Year Warranty
• Tone Color: Shimmery, Warm
• Touch: Light, Nimble

• Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog
• Weight: Medium-Light
• Action: Moderate
• Stiffness: Medium-Soft