Purchasing a String Instrument -Investment Potential

Article published at: Jan 26, 2023 Article author: cassandra thuneman
Purchasing a String  Instrument -Investment Potential
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Investment potential is the third requirement the buyer may be interested in when purchasing an instrument. A good instrument with papers from a reputable appraiser can be a good investment in certain instances.

A good Italian, French, or German violin with papers from a reputable appraiser can be a good investment. We have seen the prices of these instruments increased dramatically in the last 50 years or so.

Please take note, If you are a player with a career in music, a violin that has the type of tone you want should outweigh any consideration of the investment potential. I tell customers that if you play a recital and nobody can hear you because you chose a pedigree over the sound  you cannot turn to the audience and say "But the violin has a great investment potential!” For an amateur or a collector, this might not be the case.

Older instruments in good shape have a recognized international market, meaning they hold and increase in value.